KEO Beer

KEO is an exceptional lager type beer, brewed from the finest malt and the choicest hops, long matured, bottled fresh and unpasteurised, to retain its natural flavour, aroma and freshness.
In March 1987, KEO Beer has been awarded the Gold Medal at the Brewing Industry International Awards Beer Competition, held at Burton-on-Trent UK.

KEO is available at the following packaging:

630ml bottles in crates of 12
500ml bottles in crates of 20
330ml bottles in crates of 24
500ml cans in multi-packs of 6 & 8
330ml cans in multi-packs of 6 & 8
Draught 25L Kegs
KEO Beer Products

Bottles of 630 and 330ml

Cans 330 and 500ml

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