Cyprus Canning Company

The Cyprus Canning Co., was established in 1954 and has since remained the leader in its field. The company uses the well-known trade mark of SWS, founded by Briton, Sammuel Wallace Smedley, the pioneer of the canning industry in U.K., who originally envisaged the creation of a competitive, high-technology, processing unit and who more than fulfilled his objective of successfully competing on the international market.
The Cyprus Canning Co., went public as part of the Hellenic Mining Co., Ltd., in 1960 and has since maintained its primary position as the island’s “national canners”. Since 1990 the Cyprus Canning Co., haw been wholly owned by the pioneering KEO Group of Companies. Situated at Zakaki area, in Limassol, the company’s management team continues to ensure that the very highest standards of quality are never compromised. Whilst maintaining its traditional position as leader in the home-market, about 40 per cent of SWS products are exported to the EEC, Japan, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.
Agriculture produce in Cyprus is dominated by the seasons, so apart from managerial, administrative and laboratory staff, the number of people employed at the canning works fluctuated according to the time of year from 150 to 200. The company is largely self-sufficient as it maintains its own fruit grove, but quality-control technicians also work closely with local producers to ensure that only the best quality fruit and vegetables carry the SWS brand name.
The Cyprus Canning Co., is a forward-thinking, dynamic company, constantly on the look out for innovation and expansion. In 1997 SWS production had to move to a new plant to accommodate new machinery for the production of the Slim Pack. The fully computerized packaging of pure fruit juice and fruit drinks in aseptic Tetra Pak was successfully introduced eights years earlier, in 1989. By entering the new millennium recently the company, with its strategic outlook, is importing and distributing exclusively in the local market a range of international and well-known brands, such as PRIGAT the Israel drink and Trata the Greek canned fish products.